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  •   A public meeting of interested community members met at the Woodhouse Grove Methodist Church Hall on the 14th August, 1968. The Mayor, Cr R J Gleghorn, and two Councillors were in attendance, along with 100 members of the community. It was agreed that a tennis club should be created and that its name would be North Box Hill Tennis Club. The first election of officebearers elected Denis Lemke (President), E. Sieler (Secretary) and N. Polmear (Treasurer). At the time, Mr Sieler was Director of the Tennis Foundation Council of Victoria. Cr Gleghorn was declared patron of the Club on 2nd December 1968.
  •   All Club Special Meetings were held in the hall until the scout hall adjacent to the courts became available mid 1969.
  •   The Club's tender to erect four courts was accepted by the City of Box Hill (now Whitehorse) on the 17th April, 1969.
    Meanwhile, members started playing both social and competition tennis (including juniors) at hired outside venues in March 1969.
    Denis Lemke became Club coach in May that year.
  •    A formal lease was signed in October, 1970. The unofficial opening of the courts took place on 6th June, 1971. Much of the work on site preparation was performed by volunteers. At a later date 200 bluestone pitchers were purchased from Council at 50 cents each to form the embankment around the front courts.
  •   Frank Sedgman and Neil Fraser attended the official opening of the Club but the actual date is elusive (most probably in early November 1971), as is the name of the person photographed with Frank. Can you help?
  •   17th November, 1971, Frank Sedgman is minuted as the new Patron of the Club. The reserve was named Frank Sedgman Reserve around this time. The first option had been North Valley Reserve.
  •   Many fundraising events were held, including card and Bingo nights, social tournaments, BBQs, a Barn Dance, football competition cards, theatre nights, even a smoke night, and a whisky sampling run by the midweek ladies that raised $25.
    A major event was an Art and Craft show that had 277 entries and raised $450.
    The midweek ladies were very active in fundraising, with tournaments and special events such as cake stalls, the whisky sampling and a candle demonstration, to name a few.

  •   Foundations were poured for the clubhouse during April, 1973. It was completed in October, and the verandah added the following month after further fundraising.
  •   A levy was imposed to finance the building of the front two courts in April, 1975.
  •   Construction began in October, 1975.
  •   Tower lighting was installed on the front two courts late in 1980. The lighting was modernised to envirolighting and extended to two other courts in 2004.
  • The work for the dowelling to display the flags won by teams (see 2019 photo below) was finished in June 2004. Price for materials was $370.34 and for his labour John Simpson, husband of Midweek President Estelle, was given gift vouchers to the value of $150.
  •   As at October 2008, "the Club is coping well with water restrictions and the courts are in fine order. Our membership stands at 120 and, after a decline with the onset of drought conditions, is now rising steadily".
  •                MYSTERY SOLVED.
    Frank Sedgman's companion is John Wilson, the Club's second secretary and designer of the club logo seen on the cuff links above. Thanks to Life Member, Geoff Handley, for the info. It is Mayor, Cr Stanley Dewar with Frank in front of the Reserve sign.

    Sunday 12th August, 2018

    Left to right - Spectators enjoy the exhibition match; Ian Peter-Budge with Remy Brown v JackTaylor and Aaron Cartledge; Whitehorse Mayor Andrew Davenport; State MP Robert Clark; Club President Lynn Heath cutting the Anniversary Cake.
    Also in attendance - Crs Tina Liu and Blair Barker, together with present and past members. The Club welcomed more than 60 people all told.